Making Business More Personal: Toronto Team Social


There are countless benefits to coworkers mingling outside of regular business hours. We all know that team-building activities serve as a company investment toward fostering a happier, healthier, and – in the end – more productive workforce. Staff bonding can also reduce stress, helping to create an environment that workers will want to spend years (or even decades) of their lives in. So we wanted to share with you our top idea’s for corporate team socials.

Team Social

Let's be real, the most effective team socials are usually the ones that aren’t forced or feel prescribed. Instead, these get-togethers should provide novel experiences that employees might not otherwise have a chance to take part in. If you have ever organized this type of event, you know that it’s sometimes hard to keep things fresh while meeting everyone's expectations. Luckily, Toronto serves as the perfect backdrop to upgrading company culture, and Guided Toronto’s corporate tours place an emphasis on class and help facilitate the experience to be inclusive and allow all the staff to fully enjoy the company-bonding adventures in the Six. So, whether you think your team would be more into sipping whiskey and savouring scrumptious food-and-beverage pairings or something a little more active and physical, we’ve got you covered!   

Wine and Cheese 101

Perfect while the winter months are still with us, this wine and cheese tasting class, led by a seasoned sommelier, gives visitors access to an exclusive members-only wine cellar right in the heart of the city. Guests are presented with a seminar on proper tasting methods, which are then put directly into practice while sampling exclusive selections from the sommelier’s own private stock. Wine selections are also paired with a carefully catered cheese and charcuterie arrangement that is sure to please all pallets present.

While the tasting itself is customizable to suit your group’s needs – also working in some games and trivia along the way – team members will come away with knowledge rarely gained within the confines of a cubicle!

birds eye cheese latter and wine.jpg

Toronto-style Food Crawl

Bonding over shared food is a simple way to form new connections. If nothing else, it allows people to talk about the tastes they’re experiencing and opens up avenues for further conversation. Add cocktails to the mix, and you’ve basically guaranteed a good time for all. With this in mind, Guided Toronto offers evening tours through some of the city’s top bars and restaurants, all while exploring the histories behind their surrounding neighbourhoods. Check out our Cocktails and Tapas tour for inspiration, and we always love to design tours customized for your office crew.

Old Town & Whiskey

Have a rich corporate history in the City of Toronto? Why not embrace it? Guided Toronto offers engaging two-hour walking tours that take you through Old Toronto and the city’s historic roots while also integrating some snacks and beverages along the way. Departing from your downtown office, the team will pass by some daily landmarks to unveil tales of events that shaped the area over the past 150 years. From Union Station to St. Lawrence Market, and ending in the Distillery District – which once housed the famous Gooderham and Worts distillery, North America’s largest distillery in its time – your guide will facilitate in enlightening your whole group on the subject of Toronto’s rise to becoming the bustling metropolis it is today.

Hit the Streets
If a food-and-beverage outing doesn’t quite seem like the right fit for your crew, Guided Toronto also offers various takes on walking and cycling tours across different parts of the city. Our in-depth expertise can unlock hidden gems that would otherwise go unnoticed.
These tours can even be customized to meet the exclusive needs of your brand – whether that means incorporating your specific core values or promoting a green lifestyle!